Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nostalgia and Anticipation

I am looking forward to my first time prawning with Chris this weekend and testing out our fancy new GPS and sounder (more on that later). I am also excited about the fishing threesome we have planned in two weeks, but the fishing part of my mind is elsewhere tonight. There is only three months until the Summer fishing season begins. I can't wait! Evenings spent in shorts and sandals in the river, long hot afternoons trolling on the boat, fresh Salmon BBQs with friends in the backyard... I am so ready! Here are a few pictures of the places we will be frequenting this summer.

Evening bite at Saratoga

Need more Gravol!

Getting crabby at Goose Spit

First fish I ever caught. Sockeye at Papermill Dam.

Brown's Bay

Sunset at Singing Sands

Port Alberni Rod and Gun Club
Can you spot the bear???


  1. Some seriously nice photos! Wish I was that well-
    planned and organized. In the meantime, I missed fat Tuesday...got to eat.

  2. Really enjoyed the photos. Never been to your ara and it sure helps me get a perspective of what you are blogging about. Maybe someday I can visit your waters.

  3. Im a little biased but I can't imagine a place more beautiful than the west coast of Vancouver Island in the summertime!