Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Family Affair

While I have been river fishing with my Niece, Chris has spent the past few days fishing the ocean at the North end of the Island with his Uncle. Their mission was to catch some Coho and Chinooks by jigging off the boat. I have not had a full account of the trip but tonight the picture messages of success came fast and furious to my phone. Looks like a memorable trip for sure!
Even though the goal was salmon, the pictures show that bottom fish were also plentiful.

Monster Ling Cod



Dream Chinook

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Sharing the Love

My adventure loving 13 year old niece Emily is staying with me for a few days. We decided it was a perfect opportunity to introduce her to fishing. So Auntie and Niece headed to a river where the Pink Salmon were running and we had a blast. It only took Em about 10 casts to become an expert at controlling her line and landing in the 'sweet spot'. With 30 minutes she had landed her first fish, a nice 4lb salmon all on her own. The old timer next to her said he had been there all day without landing any. We were only going to catch and release so she kindly gave him her fish (after snapping the first fish picture). We stayed at the river for about three hours and were by far the most successful fisher women (or men) for the day. I landed about a dozen and Emily caught another three!! It was so great to share something I love doing with her!

Here is a video of Emily in action!