Friday, February 10, 2012

Packing for Steelhead

The Jester and I are heading to the river at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning so I am spending this evening getting my gear together. Chris bought me this little Sage chest pack for Christmas and it is the perfect size for an afternoon on the river. Of course I always have the backup of my fishing partners who bring enough extra tackle for a small village. Many of our favourite fishing spots are slippery, rocky and almost always wet. I love that I can access all of my essential gear without having to move once I am in the perfect casting position.

A few trout beads, a couple different wool colours, the occasional spinner, a handful of splitshot and a smattering of swivels is all I need in my tiny tackle box.

I will shamefully confess that I do not tie up my own leaders. Chris has always just handed me pips boxes or foam boards with beautifully tied hooks. I have attempted this egg loop knot a few times but never mastered the technique. In exchange I always ensure that I pack us a delicious and nutritious lunch, this arrangement seems to suit him fine. Tomorrow I will be using both classic steel and hot pink hooks. Floats, pliers and the ever important combo clippers round out my gear. I also have room for my camera (complete with life jacket) and a flashlight.

I have fresh line on my lovely Shimano Curado and the weatherman is calling for 90% chance of rain. I think it will be a fabulous Vancouver Island day for fishing glory... stay tuned for the results.


  1. Okay now seriously young lady, where do you find pink salmon hooks? Have a blast!

  2. Santa put those particular hooks in my stocking but he probably got them from:

  3. Thanks! I guess if you pay attention you actually learn stuff.