Sunday, January 5, 2014

A little fishing and a lot of flashing

Flashing, as in photography, of course!  Chris bought me a great new camera for Christmas and I have been eagerly awaiting the chance to learn how to use it at some of our favourite fishing spots.  Today the three of us headed for the Gold River, long before the crack of dawn.  We have never had much luck on this River but the stunning scenery, remote locations and third-party tales of beautiful Steelhead keep us returning year after year.  The day was a chilly -5. The frosty trees and occasional sunny breaks gave me some great opportunities to see what the camera could do.  We tried 5 different spots on the River and although I wet my hook at each one, I was a little more focused on the camera this trip.  The boys valiantly threw combinations of gooey bobs, artificial worms, trout beads and some special Chris-concoctions, but alas the fish won out this time.  So, instead of pictures of beautiful fish, I give you pictures of the beautiful surroundings and my fishing buddies.





  1. Wow! You take incredible photos.

  2. great camera! long time to see your new post Pink Waders.

  3. Same kind of picture taking fun we do as well, whenever I go for fishing with my friends. Fishing is a fun activity and I like to do it the same way you guys are doing. Nice pictures.