Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Prawns and Crabs.. Oh My!!

Chris works in Port Alice, a little town at the top of Vancouver Island. He has had the boat up there all winter and spends all of his off work daylight hours setting, pulling and resetting our prawn and crab traps. This is his 'happy place', all alone on the (usually) peaceful water.

He is usually very successful, especially with the prawns. We literally have a freezer full of prawns and I am constantly trying out new ways to cook them. I have been sworn to secrecy about his prawning methods (but I'm sure he could be bribed to let some of his tricks slip out!). For Crabs he uses the prawn heads in a bait jar and swears by these round stainless steels traps.

The boat is home right now for some much needed maintenance and hopefully Chris and his Dad are going to create some type of trap pulling apparatus, his poor hands are getting torn up with rope burn.

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