Saturday, February 5, 2011

I destroy a lot of gear!

I got my Jester reputation for two reasons. The first is the willingness to get fish and recover gear. The second is that I have bad luck with gear. Christy would say it is because I am really hard on my gear but I disagree. I think a lot of it has to do with buying the wrong gear for how I like to fish. I have a tendency to bulldog in my fish rather letting the fish play out. I am now searching for fishing gear that will withstand my aggressive fishing style.

My first reel was the Abu Garcia 6600 that Christy posted about earlier. It lasted me less than three weeks before the worm gear broke. I sent it to be warranty repaired with Abu Garcia, unfortunately it took seven months to return it to me. I ended up getting a new one from them as the other could not be repaired. While I was waiting for it I bought a Shimano Corvalus 400 because the warranty is a two week turnaround and it is a stronger reel. Unfortunately I got to test this warranty out within the first two months of fishing with it when the worm gear broke again. Much to my surprise Shimano had my reel back to me within the two week span. I fished the rest of the season with my reel but I think I need to find something that will withstand my more aggressive fishing style.

I am looking at either a Shimano Calcutta or a Center Pin (either Islander or King Pin or Okuma). When I went out steel heading with the guide last weekend I was able to try both a Islander Center Pin and a Shimano Calcutta. I was impressed with how both preformed with the large fish. I am hoping to test these reels a few more times before committing to the purchase of one of these more expensive reels.

I would like any input or feedback! If you fish with any of these reels or others that work well with river Salmon fishing let me know.

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