Monday, January 17, 2011

Christy's Favourites

I'm sure that once I give them access to this blog the boys will have plenty to say about their favourite fishing gear. My husband could fill months of posts on just his rods alone. If anyone knows about a 12 step program for fishing rod addicts please email me! But this post will be about two of my favourite fishing accessories. They are not the best or newest but they are like old friends to me and I love them. The first is my reel. It is a humble Abu Garcia baitcaster but I caught my first fish on it (as well as my first seagull) and I am deeply attached to it. Both of the boys had this same reel and both of them broke this reel within a few months of use. The lesson learned is that this particular reel is great for a fisherperson who is gentle and respectful to their gear, but if you want to muscle in some big salmon, probably not the reel for you.

My next favourite accessory is my pink waders. Personally I think I am adorable in them, and more importantly the other men at the river quickly identify me as a girl and therefore usually decide to urinate out of sight!

My last favourite for this post is my favourite place we have been fishing. Little Qualicum River is a fly fishing only, catch and release area. It is a beautiful spot that is not crowded and for a few weeks in August it is packed with great big Springs! The three of us are new to fly fishing and trying to reel in 20lb+ salmon proved to be a challenge and extremely entertaining as the fish dragged us all up and down the river while they jumped all around us. I did not manage to land one of these beauties myself but fought valiantly! This winter I am working on my upper body strength and I vow to get one of those big fellas on the shore this summer. Here's a couple pictures of the boys and their big catches, a quick snap with the camera and they were off again..

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