Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Introducing The River Prince

Fly fishing for Coho at Rupert Arm

Chris, my husband of 11 years, and I do not have a lot in common. Definitely a case of opposites attract. We don't have the same taste in movies, books, food, music or TV shows. We are experts at the fine art of compromise and negotiation when it comes to these aspects of our life. Then we started fishing together! Chris fished as a kid and once, when we were dating, he took me to a U-Catch trout pond (which I hated!!). We lived in Alberta for many years so he had little opportunity to pursue this hobby. We moved back to Vancouver Island three years ago and he began fishing with a friend from work. On his days off I would often sit on the river bank with a book and watch him fish. I loved to see the excitement when he caught a fish and was amazed that he would still be smiling even after hours of unsuccessful fishing. I had to get in on the action!

The true love of his life

The River Prince does have some un-princely fishing habits though. When we first start a day of fishing he is very serious and has a 'face like thunder' until the first fish is caught. The Jester and I like to point this out to him in a mocking tone, this doesn't help him shake the thunder-face but is amusing to us. He also conveniently doesn't see me in the most opportune times! I have come close to decapitation by fishing line, been hit in various body parts by flying fish, and been elbowed out of the sweet spot on many occasions. He also likes to do his fly tying in the living room and the amount of sparkles and feathers spread out would put any scrapbooker to shame! Despite these flaws, the Prince does make a great fishing partner. He pre-ties all my hooks for me, releases the really nasty fish I don't want to touch, will gut my fish upon request and will always stop fishing to help me unsnag in a really tough spot.

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