Sunday, June 5, 2011

First fish of the summer

Well the day we have been waiting for finally arrived, Sockeye season is here! The Prince had to work tonight but the Jester and I made the hour drive to Port Alberni and headed straight for Papermill Dam.

As usual the place was packed, definitely not the most relaxing place to fish, but the only place to catch those delicious sockeye from the shore. We had our lines in the water by 5:30pm and began the quick and furious casting that this little stretch of river demands.

After about 45 minutes and a couple of fish-on fish-off calls from us both, Kris had the first player. The fish quickly went over the falls and he scampered (literally) down the rocky shore chasing the shiny silver fish. He reappeared about ten minutes later with no fish and a big scowl on his face. I asked him to tell me the story of what happened to that fish but he didn't want to talk about it!

About 20 minutes later I had a fish on and since I was not about to scamper down the falls I just began muscling him in, as usual all the men around started giving me advice so I passed the rod to the Jester so they would back off. He somehow forgot I was left-handed and loosened the drag and POOF my fish took off down the falls. Kris went after him and triumphantly returned moments later with my fish in hand. So technically I caught her, but the Jester landed her (still going in my column on the tally board)

Soon Kris had another on the line and once again he was running down the falls. The next details are a little sketchy but when he came back up with his fish he was went from the waist down. I'm not sure how a three pound salmon manage to pull him into the river, but I'm sad I did not catch it on camera.

We did not stay much longer as the place was still busy and the Jester was looking a bit uncomfortable in wet Wranglers!

All told it was a fun and productive start to the season. The boys are headed back there tomorrow night, hopefully this time some dry clothes will be in the backpack.

My shiny fish filleted into three meals for the freezer!

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Location:Port Alberni


  1. Sounds like a good start (for some) to the season.

  2. Three great looking meals! wish you would have gotten the wet wranglers on camera, but sounds like a pretty entertaining day nonetheless :-)

  3. live in lotus land and fish for salmon in the rivers in June! Sounds like a great day PW.